About the Writers Retreat

In March of 2017, Karolyne Roberts hosted her first official Writers Retreat in Atlanta, Georgia. After selling out immediately and proving to be a success, she realized that this was more than just a one-time event. The Lord revealed to her the need for a Christian community of writers to help build each other up and hold one another accountable, so she formed just that.

The Writers Retreat is a community that hosts writers from all different walks of life. At the Writers Retreat, women are granted the opportunity to draw away from distractions, connect with like-minded believers, and work on their writing projects in a tranquil and inspiring atmosphere.

The Writers Retreat prides itself in offering a sweet weekend getaway, one-on-one consultations from the writing coach herself, and informative workshops that will help you through the writing process, no matter what phase. Our mission is to help Christian writers of all genres birth the message that God has placed on their heart. We desire to foster a community of writers on the basis of sisterhood, fellowship, and accountability.

About the Founder

Karolyne Roberts is The Founder of The Writers Retreat and Write VIP Network. She resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband Kal and their two children. Karolyne takes pride in being a stay at home mom and believes that her home is her first ministry. She is thankful that God has allowed her to travel the world with her husband doing what she loves, hosting writers retreats and coaching those who are seeking to birth their God-given writing projects. Above all else, she is a follower of Christ and influencer for her generation, dedicated to sharing the Gospel through creative media.