11 Aug 2019

Cooking With the NewAir Magic Chef Air Fryer

Everyone knows I love to travel and host writers retreats. When I am in a new location, I enjoy spending most of my time sightseeing or experiencing thrilling excursions. I love getting the most out of my vacations and I don't always have the patience for long wait times at restaurants or cooking a full-course meal at my AirBnb. I am also striving towards living a healthier lifestyle and prefer to stay away from fast-food restaurants if at all possible. That is why I will likely bring my Magic Cher Air Fryer with me on upcoming road trips. After trying the NewAir Air Fryer, I am excited about the future of cooking. I am a mommy and I really appreciate that the air fryer was…

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26 May 2019

3 Key Tips to Organize Chapters in Your Book

  So you've done it - you've actually sat down and started writing. But before you get too far, we recommend you take a moment and think about how you'd like to organize the chapters in your book. It may not seem like such a big deal now, but once you have pages and pages of words, you'll want to begin to arrange them in a way that feels natural, matches the flow of your story and keeps your readers' focus. So, here are 4 key tips to consider as you organize the chapters of your book. Think Like a Reader  Yes, we know you're the writer. But stop and think for a second. What is it like for you…

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29 May 2018

How to Start a Blog!

Hey Writers! I get asked all the time from many writers, "how do I start a blog?" Well here it is! I want to help YOU  FINALLY get out there and share your message. Here is a quick and straight forward run-down on how to get started. First, you're going to want to think of what you want to call your blog. Then lock down the domain name and hosting account! I like to use Bluehost and their actually having a 50% OFF SALE right now! CLICK HERE to get started. There are also many self-hosting websites such as wix, weebly, squarespace, etc. But I believe you will spend more money paying them every month per website. If you are really…

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06 Jan 2018

5 Reasons Why Writers Need Community!

One of the most common things I hear writers express when I ask them what’s holding them back from reaching their goals, is a lack of community. There are so many talented writers, but it can get discouraging when you feel alone throughout the process. There is something special about writers that come together to support one another and help each other grow and reach their goals. This is why I started our online community at writevip.com. I saw the need for writers to have a support system while being held accountable for their writing projects. We have even set up different groups in represented states and countries so that our writers can meet face to face! In this blog…

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03 Jan 2018

Dear Writer, Give Yourself Time to Heal

As writers, when setting goals and deadlines for our projects, it's important that we are sensitive to God's timing. You may be wondering why you're so frustrated or you seem to come against a wall every time you sit down to write. Could it just be that you have the right message, but it's just the wrong time? Could it possibly be that your story needs a little more developing or maybe it's still being written within the pages of your reality? Or if your story is one of trauma and abuse, have you given yourself an adequate amount of time to heal? I don't think we understand the power of language. Through writing, we have the ability to transfer…

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15 Aug 2017

Why Every Writer NEEDS a Writers Retreat!

Distractions pop up from everywhere when you’re trying to be productive, from screaming toddlers to chiming cell phones. Sometimes, it’s so hard to escape responsibility and the things that want your attention but don't necessarily need it. Ok so the kids are asleep, the house is clean, the phone is off and you’re ready to work. Your computer is stashed in the corner, but now you're up and making the first step toward it. That’s it you’re getting closer! You got this!You grab a seat, turn on the computer, position your fingers to type and then what happens? You guessed it. Absolutely nothing. So you sit down in front of your blank screen for a short while before finding something else…

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06 Jul 2017

New Book: The Write Guide

Hey everyone! I am so excited to announce that my new book, The Write Guide, is now available for pre-order! It will officially debut on July 17th, 2017! Visit this link to purchase and learn more: https://tinyurl.com/y79kmbo2 Have you ever asked yourself the following questions? “Am I qualified to write?” “How do I get started?” “Am I headed in the right direction?” “Why is my writing at a standstill?” If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this book is for you! The Write Guide is the new go-to book for all writers and aspiring authors. Loaded with spiritual truths and inspiration, The Write Guide was designed to challenge, uplift, and propel you into purpose. Locked inside of this book are keys to enhance your…

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08 May 2017

5 Tips to Keep Perfectionism from Hindering the Writing Process!

Are you a perfectionist? Does is seem like every time you take two steps forward with your writing you simultaneously take ten steps back? Many writers already struggle with prioritizing and finding time to dedicate to the writing process. Then, when they finally overcome that hurdle and actually find time to write, the process is hindered by limitations that the writer places upon him or herself. Rather than allowing the inspiration to flow freely... they spend every moment picking apart each and every sentence, critiquing their word choice, second guessing their ideas, and overly revising their first draft before it is even complete. Here's the thing though... your first draft has no other job but to exist. It does not…

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06 Apr 2017

How to be a Powerful Writer for God’s Glory!

As writers we should understand the power of our words. I find it disheartening how many times we use our gift with words as a weapon rather than a tool. The words we speak and write have the power to give life, create, and inspire but we often use our words to tear ourselves down, rather than to build ourselves up. Dear writer, stop being your biggest critic.  The words we speak over ourselves during the writing process can place a roadblock on our progress. Do you find yourself struggling with writers block? What have you been speaking through you heart, mind, and mouth? As a writing coach, I have come across many writers who battle fear, anxiety, and low self-esteem.…

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