11 Aug 2019

Cooking With the NewAir Magic Chef Air Fryer

Everyone knows I love to travel and host writers retreats. When I am in a new location, I enjoy spending most of my time sightseeing or experiencing thrilling excursions. I love getting the most out of my vacations and I don't always have the patience for long wait times at restaurants or cooking a full-course meal at my AirBnb. I am also striving towards living a healthier lifestyle and prefer to stay away from fast-food restaurants if at all possible. That is why I will likely bring my Magic Cher Air Fryer with me on upcoming road trips. After trying the NewAir Air Fryer, I am excited about the future of cooking. I am a mommy and I really appreciate that the air fryer was…

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08 May 2017

5 Tips to Keep Perfectionism from Hindering the Writing Process!

Are you a perfectionist? Does is seem like every time you take two steps forward with your writing you simultaneously take ten steps back? Many writers already struggle with prioritizing and finding time to dedicate to the writing process. Then, when they finally overcome that hurdle and actually find time to write, the process is hindered by limitations that the writer places upon him or herself. Rather than allowing the inspiration to flow freely... they spend every moment picking apart each and every sentence, critiquing their word choice, second guessing their ideas, and overly revising their first draft before it is even complete. Here's the thing though... your first draft has no other job but to exist. It does not…

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