August 15, 2017 Terrenique Bastian

Why Every Writer NEEDS a Writers Retreat!

Distractions pop up from everywhere when you’re trying to be productive, from screaming toddlers to chiming cell phones. Sometimes, it’s so hard to escape responsibility and the things that want your attention but don’t necessarily need it. Ok so the kids are asleep, the house is clean, the phone is off and you’re ready to work. Your computer is stashed in the corner, but now you’re up and making the first step toward it. That’s it you’re getting closer! You got this!You grab a seat, turn on the computer, position your fingers to type and then what happens? You guessed it. Absolutely nothing. So you sit down in front of your blank screen for a short while before finding something else to do. Sounds familiar? If this is you, I think I know exactly what you need!
 Every now and again, we all need to take a little breather, travel to an exotic location and spend the weekend with some of our favorite writing buddies. Who doesn’t love the idea of laying on a beach in Bora Bora writing the chapter for your next book? Or how about a weekend stay in Scotland nestled by the fireplace with your notebook and a hot cup of chocolatey goodness? Trust me, it’s a writer’s dream!

 If you’re anything like me mini vacations and writing retreats are always a YES in my book!
Writing at home isn’t always the easiest thing to do. I know I’m not the only one that has set a time to write and ended up missing it because of my lack of focus and prioritizing.We are writers, we come from all different walks of life. Some of us are parents, college students, bankers, teachers but I’ve noticed that we all have the same excuse for our lack of writing “I just can’t find the time”. 

Well, this is your opportunity to make the time—a writer’s retreat is exactly what you need!

Here you are free from distractions, and responsibilities and you’re only required to focus on one thing… your writing! Being surrounded by other writers in a writing centered atmosphere challenges you to get the work done. At my first retreat, I achieved what seemed to be impossible, in a matter of hours I reached my daily writing goal of 5,500 words! Talk about focused!
So what do you get from these retreats?

  1. These retreats are designed for you to relax, refresh and unwind.
  2. You’re free to set your own schedule to work on your masterpiece…WITHOUT DISTRACTIONS!
  3. You get to travel to different parts of the world and meet new people.
  4. You’ll get feedback and motivation from experts and your fellow writers.
  5. Mini interactive workshops to develop your writing skills.
  6. By the end of the retreat, you should meet most if not all of your writing goals.

Happy Retreating! 

About the Author

Terrenique Bastian In 2013 Terrenique Bastian had a one on one with God and He showed her what it meant to chill out and trust Him with every fiber of her being. She has allowed God to script her life’s story and has been on a riveting walk of faith ever since. Terrenique believes that we’ve all been given unique gifts and talents that should be used to impact this world and bring glory to God. After much prayer, at the age of 23 she did what most people considered crazy, she packed her bags, quit her job and moved from the Bahamas to New York all in the name of faith. She sought God and He gave her the wisdom to make such a daring move and the provision to do what He has called her to do. Terrenique defines true success as total dependence and obedience to God. Her willingness and obedience has opened new doors for her and she has gained unprecedented favor. Her passion involves encouraging others to pursue their God given dreams and use their gifts and talents to change the world. She now partners with Karolyne Roberts, C.E.O and Founder of The Writers Retreat, hosting retreats all over the globe. Terrenique is the author of the book entitled Dare Beauty and two eBooks: 3 Steps to Chasing Your Dreams Without Fear and 7 Must Haves for Fab Writing.