July 6, 2017 The Writers Retreat

New Book: The Write Guide

Hey everyone!

I am so excited to announce that my new book, The Write Guide, is now available for pre-order! It will officially debut on July 17th, 2017! Visit this link to purchase and learn more: https://tinyurl.com/y79kmbo2

Have you ever asked yourself the following questions?

  • “Am I qualified to write?”
  • “How do I get started?”
  • “Am I headed in the right direction?”
  • “Why is my writing at a standstill?”

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this book is for you!

The Write Guide is the new go-to book for all writers and aspiring authors. Loaded with spiritual truths and inspiration, The Write Guide was designed to challenge, uplift, and propel you into purpose. Locked inside of this book are keys to enhance your writing flow and an extensive list of resources to help you along the way. Karolyne takes you on a step-by-step journey that teaches you the ins-an-outs of writing, publishing, printing, and marketing your book.

Through this book, you will be challenged to step out in faith and deliver the message that God has placed on your heart. You will receive all the tools you need to not only become a better writer, but a writer with a clear vision and purpose as it relates to life and ministry. The Write Guide will leave you with a refreshed perspective on writing and a new burning passion to be all that God has called you be!

About the Author

The Writers Retreat Karolyne Roberts is The Founder of The Writers Retreat and Write VIP Network. She resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband Kal and their two children. Karolyne takes pride in being a stay at home mom and believes that her home is her first ministry. She is thankful that God has allowed her to travel the world with her husband doing what she loves, hosting writers retreats and coaching those who are seeking to birth their God-given writing projects. Above all else, she is a follower of Christ and influencer for her generation, dedicated to sharing the Gospel through creative media.