February 5, 2018 The Writers Retreat

Atlanta, Georgia – Creatives Conference – DEPOSIT

Wednesday, September 12th

12:00pm – Registration Begins

5:00pm – Conference Kick-off with Kal and Karolyne Roberts

6:00pm – All-White-Affair Dinner Party

8:00pm – Network, Shop Vendors, etc.
*You are encouraged to bring you business card


Thursday, September 13th

8:00am – Worship and Songwriting Workshop

9:00am – Graphic and Web Design

10:00am – Acting Workshop/ Improvisation

11:00am – Screenwriting Workshop

12:00pm – BREAK

1:00pm – Keynote Speech: Kal Roberts

2:00pm – Session: Marketing Your Book

3:00pm – Writing Workshop: Peer Editing Roundtables

4:00pm – TECH TALK – Writing Software, editing software, formatting programs

5:00pm – BREAK

7:00pm – Keynote Speech: Ashley Joy

8:00pm – Open Mic, Spontaneous Worship, and Musical Expression


Friday, September 14th

8:00am – Vision Mapping and Painting Class

9:00am – TECH TALK – Videography, Photography, Cameras, Lenses, and Lighting

10:00am – 2 Hour Publishing & Self-Publishing Bootcamp

12:00pm – BREAK

1:00pm – Remaining Authentic as a Content Creator – Angel Jackson

2:00pm – Entrepreneurship and Leaving a 9-5

3:00pm – Creating a Lifestyle that You’re Passionate About – Tia Patterson

4:00pm – Working Towards your Vision and Not Giving up – David Daudin

5:00pm – BREAK

8:00pm – Keynote Speech: Karolyne Roberts


Saturday, September 15th

8:00am – The Power Behind Your Story – Caneeka Elleanor

9:00am – Creatives Conference Q&A – Discussion Panel

10:00am – Closing Session, Giveaways, and Prayer

11:00am – Network, Shop Vendors, etc.
*You are encouraged to bring you business card


Creatives Conference – creativesconf.com

About the Author

The Writers Retreat Karolyne Roberts is The Founder of The Writers Retreat and Write VIP Network. She resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband Kal and their two children. Karolyne takes pride in being a stay at home mom and believes that her home is her first ministry. She is thankful that God has allowed her to travel the world with her husband doing what she loves, hosting writers retreats and coaching those who are seeking to birth their God-given writing projects. Above all else, she is a follower of Christ and influencer for her generation, dedicated to sharing the Gospel through creative media.